Electronic Matchsheets will be available to view 48 hours before the game. 

Coaches and Managers registered and approvedl are now able to access the EMS (iMatchSheets) - Log in details as follows:


  1. First Initial in Capitals followed by Surname eg SMulherin, HChambers, DHolder

  2. Mobile phone number as shown in MFC

During the roll out of EMS, MWFA stated that teams are to still carry the single page “Team ID sheets” in case the EMS crashes to ensure all teams/referees could still conduct Player ID checks before matches. Please also have a copy of a blank matchsheet.


ALL managers must arrive at games with these sheets, which have been sent and updated via Club Registrars.


MWFA CompMan SP MatchSheets   Smart Phone Version  User Guide – 2018 version
Step 1.
  • Open your smartphone internet browser, e.g. Safari. 
  • Navigate to
  • Enter your Login name (First Initial and Surname ) and password(mobile phone number)
  • Click the “Login” button.
  • Select iMatchsheets to begin iCompMan smartphone version.
Step 2 - Select club, field. Click “Confirm Selection”
Step 3 - Select your game and CONFIRM.  (Game will appear YELLOW)
Step 4 - Click on 'Update Team Sheet"
Step 5 - Select the individual team players that will be playing in the game and  ensure they all have a shirt number

Step 6 - Select any players that need to be borrowed by clicking on “Add player”.  Enter Surname and search for particular player. ONLY approved Players for each team will be shown.

Step 7 - Once you have completed all players in team, click on “Complete - opposition team can review my Team Sheet" A green dot will appear beside the team on the game

Step 7 - Click on “Review Opposition Match Sheet”.  (You will not be able to view this until the opposition team has confirmed their match sheet.)
Step 8 - Complete the ID check for the opposition. If the team is acceptable click on CONFIRM. If not acceptable, click on Disputed. Enter the reason for the dispute and click CONFIRM. If a team is disputed a red dot will appear beside the team, if the team has been confirmed the green dot will contain a tick.

Step 8 - On completion of game, please go to “Update RESULT, MATCH OFFICIALS & other MATCH STATISTICS”.  Enter relevant information – INCLUDING SCORES and click “SAVE”. 

NOTE: If your team has a player arrive late to the match who needs to be added:
Advise the Opposition Manager that your player has arrived and that you will be updating the Team List. Request the Opposition Manager to release your Team List:  To do this, the Opposition Manager needs to select “Review Opposition Match Sheet” and change the status to “Pending My Confirmation”. Update your list and confirm. 
PLEASE MAKE SURE BOTH MANAGERS SELECT “Confirmed – This Team sheet is in order” after any additional player is added.
Please make sure that both Managers confirm team lists prior to game and any changes throughout the game are confirmed by both parties.
If you have any problems, please contact Karen Harris on  0433 201 144


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