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BHFC Fees for 2023

Please note
2022 Registration fees were reduced due to MWFA reducing fees for the shortened 2021 season.

2021 Registration fees were reduced due to MWFA refund of 2020 fees. 

All fees should be paid on-line at PlayFootball at the time of registration. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Cash, cheque or EFT are not accepted unless in extreme circumstances. Manual credit card payments will incur a 2% a credit card levy. Registration will be not approved until payment has been received.

Players from U6 to U18 should apply for the ActiveKids Voucher before registering on PlayFootball.  Active Kids Vouchers are available from the Service NSW website from 1st January 2023. If ActiveKids Voucher is not entered at the time of registration, then full registration fees must be paid and there could be considerable delay in refunding the AKV amount.

Forms for Family Discounts can be found here.


A female player up to age 18 is allowed to play for both a Saturday (ie. mixed) AND Sunday (female only) team. If a player would like to do this, please contact the registrar by email at There might be a cost involved, which would be approximately half of the normal registration fee.

It is possible that a female player (again up to 18 years old) registered for a Saturday / mixed or Sunday / female team could be asked to also play for another team on the other day, usually to help with team numbers. In this case, the club will often cover some of the dual registration fees.


A Pre-season deregistration fee is charged for competition players (U/12 and above) who are submitted to MWFA on Team Player Lists and are authorised by the MWFA registrars, but who then deregister prior to 1st April (pre-season).  Players who are listed as Active in PlayFootball on or after 1st April, and who subsequently deregister, will be charged the MWFA deregistration fee, whether they have been authorised by MWFA or not, and whether they have played any games or not. This is a FNSW determination.

Players who deregister after the season has commenced and who have played games may apply for a partial refund using this form.

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