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  • Each coach and manager needs their own FFA Number & password to register.

  • New coaches or managers will need to create an FFA account.

  • Returning coaches or managers can retrieve their FFA Number.

  • Returning coaches or managers are able to reset their password as long as they have access to the email account that is registered in the system.

  • Players should use their existing FFA Number and Password

  • Please make a note of your FFA Number and password for future use.

  1. Click HERE to register as a Coach or Manager through PlayFootball
  2. Click on Coaches, Referees & Volunteers
  3. Enter Beacon Hill Football Club
  4. Click on Start My Registration
  5. Click on Get Started
  6. if you already have an Account - Sign into your account - or Create a new Account
  7. Select the person you are registering or Add a Person if they are not already linked to your 
  8. Scroll Down to Select the Correct Package:
    31. BHFC Junior/Youth Coach OR
    32. BHFC Junior/Youth Manager OR
    33. BHFC Senior Coach OR
    34. BHFC Senior Manager OR
  9. Under Product Details, change the drop down box at Sub-Role if you are registering as a Manager. Update Shopping Cart
  10. Click Continue
  11. Ensure your personal details are correct. Your email and mobile number will be used to contact you by committee members  so please ensure these are correct and answer all of the questions.
  12. Click Continue
  13. Upload a photo. Registration will not be approved until an appropriate photo has been uploaded.
  14. Ensure you have entered your WWCC number (see below). Registrations without a WWCC will not be approved.
  15.  Accept the Terms and Conditions and click Continue
  16. No payment is required - Select Submit
  17. Once your photo and WWCC have been verified and you have been confirmed as the coach or manager of the nominated team, your registration will be approved.


The Member Protection Declaration is part of the Terms and Conditions of your registration.  From 2018 all coaches and managers must compete a Working with Children Check through Service NSW and provide the club with your WWCC number. Registrations will NOT be approved until the WWCC number has been supplied. This is the case even if you have a child in the team. Please note if you are not related to any member of the team you will require the paid WWCC.

Coaches and Managers registration WILL NOT BE APPROVED until:

  • WWCC number has been received

  • An appropriate photo has been uploaded to MFC

  • The appointment as coach or manager has been approved by the committee


Further information can be found on the FNSW Working With Children Check page.

For further information on coaching please see our Coaching Page.



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