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If you intend to forfeit, you must notify your age coordinator or the registrar more than 24 hours before your fixture. If you need to forfeit within 24 hours of kick-off please phone your ago coordinator ASAP. The club is required to give MWFA at least 24 hour's notice, so you may receive a fine.

If you arrive at ground and find you are short of players and you forfeit, you will also receive a fine. 7 players are required for a game to start. If players arrive after kick-off they cannot enter the field of play until the opposition manager has checked their ID.


Teams must be present at the time and ground indicated in the draw, unless the Competition Secretary has advised that the game has been transferred, in which case they must be at the new ground and at the new time. If a team does not have at least seven (7) registered players present and ready to play within five (5) minutes of the specified time, it shall forfeit the game. The only exception to this rule shall be Junior games.

When contacting the club secretary to forfeit the game please include the following details: 

  • Club

  • Age/Division

  • Opposition

  • Date

  • Time

  • Field


This will ensure that the referees association, the opposition and the club that is responsible for the field are advised. If the MWFA does not receive the notification in time to notify the MWFRA (refs association), the forfeiting team will also be fined the amount paid to the referees that were appointed to the game. Referees are paid if the notification is too late or a team forfeits at the ground. 

Notifying the other team directly that your team is forfeiting is not acceptable and the team will be fined as per outlined below plus the referee fees.


MWFA  Constitution - B11  - FORFEIT

The secretary of a club which intends to forfeit an allotted fixture shall advise the Association by 4pm or Association Secretary by 7:30 pm on the day before the scheduled game. If the Association has not been notified the Club shall be levied the following fines for each game forfeited:

(1) Premier League $100

(2) Other Seniors $ 50

(3) Youth $ 25


If you arrive for a game and the opposition forfeit at the scheduled ground, please get referee to endorse the team sheet.


Any team forfeiting will automatically allow its opponents:

  • In league matches to gain three (3) competition points and a five (5) goals nil (0) win.

  • In knockout matches to progress to the next round

  • In finals to be declared the winner.

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