Match Day


  • 18/1, W18/1, U21 plus 3 divisions of O35s and O45 - Friday 7pm

  • Juniors and Youth Mixed - Saturday AM

  • 18s and Senior Mixed- Saturday PM

  • Junior and Youth Women - Sunday AM

  • Senior Women - Sunday PM

Games may also be played on any weeknight from 6pm (except juniors). These can be a full round or wet weather catch-up games.

Each team complete the MatchSheet. in 2021 MWFA will be using Dribl for electronic matchsheets. All coaches and managers will be sent an activation email prior to the season. Instuctions on how to complete the electronic matchsheet can be found HERE.

All teams must complete the BHFC Player Statistics Form which can be found HERE.


Wet Weather


Always assume your game is on unless you are contacted by your manager.

  • Fields are assessed by the council at 3pm on Friday and early on Saturday and Sunday morning to determine if they are safe to play. 

  • If you game is cancelled, postponed or moved to another field, your manager will contact you

  • If some grounds are closed and some open, the MWFA will rearrange fixtures to ensure some games are  are played. You will be contacted by your manager if your game as been moved.

  • Fields may be closed throughout a wet weather day. If your game is cancelled or moved your manager will inform you as soon as possible.

See also the FNSW Lightning Policy.



The MWFRA supplies referees for all youth and U18, PL/R and AL1/R games where possible. When an official referee does not attend the game, the HOME team is responsible for supplying the referee. Junior teams are responsible for supplying referees for each game.

All other senior teams must supply a team referee to the game before or after  their own game when they are the AWAY team. Teams that do not supply an accredited and registered team referee will be fined by the MWFA.