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The majority of our coaching is delivered by volunteers. If you are interested in coaching in 2018 please complete the Expression of Interest Form. Priority will be given to those volunteers who have completed an MWFA Coaching Course (please see the link for this year coaching course dates). Once teams are finalised, coaches will be appointed by the committee. If no-one volunteers for the position, the team will be notified and a parent will be required to take on the role. No team can be  approved by the MWFA for inclusion in the competition until a coach has been registered. Coaching Course Dates and Venues can be found at HERE.

Polo Shirts

All registered coaches are entitled to a Beacon Hill Polo Shirt which can be collected from the club house on Friday evenings 7-9pm. Please wear your Polo Shirt to all games.

Coaching Support


All Beacon Hill Coaches are given support from the club. Including

  • Access and notification to all MWFA Coaching Courses. Some coaching courses require an up front payment. Once you are registered as and MWFA coach this payment is refunded

  • Resources and documents to assist you with coaching.


Coaching Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a coach include but are not excluded to:

  • Arrange and conduct suitable coaching sessions to increase the football skills of the players in your team.  

  • Ensure the players carry out warm-up and warm-down exercises before and after a game.

  • Insist the players attend all training sessions and arrive at matches at least 30 minutes prior to kick-off.   (Unless ill or injured – in which case the coach or manager should be notified asap)

  • Encourage fair play, discipline, team cohesion and commitment.

  • Communicate your goals to all players and their families. Treat all players and their families with respect and fairness.

  • Ensure that no player, coach, manager or spectator question or abuse Referee's/Linesmen and that they shake hands with the opposition at full time regardless of the outcome of the game.  

  • Alert the Referee to any on-field dangers (eg., potholes, etc.)

  • Do not let a player take the field for a game or at training if you are concerned about their health or well-being.  

  • Please ensure equitable rotation of all players during the season.

Field Allocation for Training

Training can occur at either Beacon Hill Oval, Tristram Oval, Beverley Job Oval or Allambie Oval. Teams are allocated the following times

  • Juniors – 4 – 5.30pm (1 hour per team is recommended)

  • Youth – 5.30-7.00pm (1.5 hours is recommended)

  • Seniors 7-9.00pm (1.5-2 hours is recommended)


You can request a time slot outside of these times, however this will only be possible once the teams in that section have been allocated fields and times.


Once you have been confirmed as the coach of a team, please complete the Training Allocation request form and forward to you the Training Schedule Coordinator or the  Age Coordinator. Once the training schedule is finalised you will be notified of your training time.


Except for 18/1 and AL/R all teams are allocated just one training session. Due to the number of teams and the fields this is all that we can provide. If teams wish to train more often, they can apply for this but it will only be considered once all other teams have been allocated a training time.

Where wet weather disrupts a normal training session, please contact  the training schedule coordinator or the age coordinator to arrange an alternative venue or time for that week.


Equitable Rotation

All coaches are requested to give all players equal field time over the course of the season. This reflects our Mission and Vision Statements and our commitment to the development and enjoyment of all players.

Code of Conduct and Swearing Guidelines

All Beacon Hill Football Club volunteers are expected to adhere to the MWFA Code of Conduct and Swearing Policy. Please review these documents before the beginning of the season. Any coach or other volunteer who does not adhere to these rules will be removed from their position.


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