All players must register online using PlayFootball which is a website facility provided and managed by Football Federation Australia(FFA). Below are instructions on how to use the website.

Using PlayFootball

  • Each player needs their own FFA number and password to register

  • New players will need to create an FFA account

  • Returning players can retrieve their FFA number and password

  • Please make note of your FFA number and password for future  use.



Fees and Discounts

  • Click here for the Current Fee Schedule.

  • All players receive a pair of Beacon Hill socks as part of their registration. Team Managers will distribute the socks prior to the first game

  • Family Discounts - register and pay for each member and keep a copy of your paid invoice. Send a copy of your paid invoices along with the Family Discount form to the treasurer at

Active Kids Voucher

From 1st January 2019, the NSW Government will continue a scheme aimed at encouraging kids to be fit and healthy and lessen the financial burden on families – called the Active Kids Rebate.


Families can receive a $100 per child (up to 18 y ears of age) rebate for kids to play a registered competitive sport by registering  for a voucher code via the Service NSW Portal to receive $100 off their child’s registration, where both the child and the sport are approved. This code can then be entered into the MyFootballClub portal when the parent registers their child and they will receive $100 off their registration. Please apply for the voucher before registering to avoid further paperwork and delays in the refund.

Registration payment and approval

  • Payment can be made online at the time of registration.

  • Mastercard and Visa are accepted.

  • Registration is NOT complete until payment has been received and the registrar has approved the registration.

  • Registration will initially be approved by the club, however approval by the MWFA is still required before a member can play.


Age Group Guidelines

  • Before registering it is important that you understand which age group the player is eligible to play in.

  • The 2021 Age Group Table shows how a date of birth corresponds to the player age groups available

  • Players are able to play up age groups after consultation with the appropriate age coordinator. Players wishing to play more than 2 years above their age must apply to the MWFA through the club secretary for permission.


Additional Requirements

  • There are no additional requirements for players from U6 to U9.

  • Any U10 or U11 player that is new to the MWFA will need to provide a Proof of Age document (birth certificate or passport) and complete an MWFA Application to Register.

  • Any U11 player that may be occasionally asked play in U12 (e.g. to help out when players are absent) will need to comply with the requirements for an U12 player as outlined below.

  • See a detailed table of Additional Documentation Required. More details on each requirement are available below.



  • Each player U12 and above must upload a passport style photo when registering on PlayFootball

  • The photo does not need to be of professional quality and you are allowed to smile

  • It should be a recent close up photo of the face (no hat, no glasses) preferably against a plain background.

  • Please DO NOT take a photograph of a printed photograph – just photograph the player!

  • Photos of children must be replaced every two years.

  • Senior players must replace their photo every 5 years or whenever there is a significant change in appearance



Proof of age

  • All players in age limited competitions (i.e. U10-U18, O35/45) need to provide a copy of a proof of age document in the first season that they play for an MWFA club.

  • Passport, birth certificate or drivers license are suitable documents. Student ID cards will not be accepted. A copy of the document can be emailed to the Registrar at  Registration will not be approved until the appropriate documentation has been received.


MWFA Application to Register

All players in U10 and above are required to complete the 2021 MWFA Application to Register if they did not play for an MWFA club in the previous season.

Register Now

Ready to Register? Read the information on How to Register before proceeding to PlayFootball to complete the registration.

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