Please read Information on Registration before registering on PlayFootball
General Information
  • Registration will  open on the 28th January.

  • Each player needs their own FFA Number.

  • New players will need to create an FFA account.

  • Returning players can retrieve their FFA Number.

  • Each player for U10 and above will require a NEW photograph. You will not be able to proceed with your registration until it has been uploaded. Please see below for instructions on photos.

  • All players from U12, any new players from U12 and above and any U10 or U11 layers wishing to play up in U12s, plus any players playing O35s for the first time, must provide a copy of either a birth certificate, a drivers license or a passport.

  • If you did not play for the MWFA in 2018 you must complete an MWFA Application to Register.

  • All new players U10 and above must provide the club with a copy of a proof of age document - birth certificate, drivers license or passport. In the event that none of these are available please complete the Statuary Delcaration of Birth Date. This document requires a signature of a Justice of the Peace. 


FFA has migrated all current and previous registrations to the new system. If you have registered before you will be able to claim profiles from MyFootballClub provided you use the same email address to sign up.

Step 1: Create/Claim your Football Account

If you are returning player, use your details and the email address you registered with on MFC.

If you are a parent that does not play, set up a new account for yourself using the email address you have previously used for your children registration.

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Register Now

  3. Choose the appropriate age group

  4. Enter Beacon Hill Football Club

  5. Click on Start My Registration (bottom right hand side of screen)

  6. Click on Get Started

  7. Enter your details and click on Register

  8. PlayFootball will send you a code to the email address to verify your details using the code and your email address.

  9. You will then be shown a list of registrations with the same email address. Click on those you wish to link to your Account

Step 2: Registering

Once you have claimed your participant history you will be able to register any of the linked family members on your account or signup additional people.


After claiming your own Football Account,  go to


  1. Click on Register Now

  2. Select the age group the Participant fits 

  3. Search for a suburb, postcode or a club – enter Beacon Hill Football Club

  4. Select the club

  5. Select  Start My Registration (bottom right hand corner)

  6. Click on Get Started

  7. Select the participant you are Registering - myself, Linked Person or New Person - and  Continue

  8. Select Product example: U6 Mixed, O35, or Junior/Youth Coach, Committee etc

  9. Click Continue

  10. Update the Registrants personal and contact details, and then click Continue

  11. Upload a profile photo by clicking on Select Profile Image, browse from your device, and then click Continue. You can edit the photo in PlayFootball if necessary

  12. International Transfer Clearance – Answer question accordingly to proceed 

  13. Review your order, if you need to modify your product selection or details, select ’Modify’ in the appropriate section to do so


Acknowledging  Terms and Conditions

  1. Click on the ‘Check box’ Read and Acknowledge all Terms and Conditions by selecting Accept All T&C’s displayed and then click Continue 


Payment Options Screen

  1. Input “Vouchers/Coupons codes”, (for example ActiveKids Vucher) and click APPLY. The voucher amount will automatically be deducted from the total.

  2. Choose Pay Online to complete the payment for your registration. Beacon Hill only offers off-line payment in exceptional circumstances. You must contact the treasurer at if you cannot pay online

  3. Once the payment is complete you will receive a confirmation message and you can then continue with another registration if necessary.

Registration will not be approved until all paperwork has been received, your photo has been checked and payment has been received. No exceptions will be made.

On-line payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard. If you do not have access to a credit card, please select the Invoice Me option and contact the treasurer at to make alternative arrangements. Alternative arrangements will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances.

All players form U12 and above plus any U10s or U11s who are available to play up as substitutes must upload a photograph for the player ID. Photo's will only be accepted if:
  • Player must be looking at the camera
  • Player should be photographed alone
  • Head and shoulders only
  • No hats, glasses or other accessories
  • No shadows
  • Note  - players that need to wear glasses: Glasses must be approved by the MWFRA and must be worn in the photograph. Please send photo's of the glasses plus a photo of the player wearing the glasses to  for approval
Passport style or school photographs are preferred.


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