Below is all information released during the COVID-19 Suspension  of Football


20 August 2020

Please click HERE for a letter from Dave Mason, CEO of MWFA, outlining the impact of the NSW Government changes regarding Community Sport

12 June 2020

COVID-19 Rule Changes from MWFA. These rules sit alongside the Playing Rules for 2020 and can be found here.


In summary

  • U12 and above competition will run from 3 July to 26 Sept with the team with the highest number o points declared Major Premiers

  • Final round weekend 3/4 October - teams will play final match based on their standings ie 1v2, 3v4, 5v6 etc. The winner of 1v 2 will be declared Minor Premiers.

  • No promotion or relegation for PL/AL1

  • u11 and below competition 3rd July to 3/4 October

  • The limit on the number or players that can be borrowed will increase from 4 to 6.

  • The number of times a player can be borrowed will increase from 4 to 6.

  • U16s and below - will play Tuesdays (mixed) and Thursday (women during school holidays

  • U18s and above will have scheduled night games during the holidays

  • Final registration date is 31s July


11 June 2020

The NSW Government has today announced that from this Saturday (June 13), the number of people who can gather in public will increase from 10 to 20.


This changes our current training restrictions in terms of numbers ONLY


All other guidelines remain in place.


For clarity, this means that the following is now in play:

  • The number of people allowed to train in a group lifts from 10 to 20

  • Essentially teams can now train together as a group (except those with squads)

  • It is up to the clubs as to whether they allow four groups of 20 on a field or simply split the field in half and have one team per half.

  • We still need to adhere to all of the social distancing guidelines that we have had in place around sanitiser/non contact training/posters etc.

  • You can not play games (even 10 v 10) before 1 July (when the restrictions around contact in training/games will be lifted)

10 June 2020

The NSW Sports Minister has announced that ALL community sport will return to play on 1 July. There will be guidelines. No change to training numbers until July 1 when new guidelines will be introduced.

2 June 2020

The NSW Government has today announced that Community sport can start from July 1 for players under the age of 18 ONLY. More details will be posted once they have been forwarded.

21 May 2020

The wait is over. FNSW and the NSW Government has given football clubs approval to resume training in line with the latest restrictions that have been relaxed across society, specifically the ability to start to exercise in groups of 10 (including the coach).


Beacon Hill Football Club will notify all coaches and managers of their approval to train and their training time as soon as possible.


Teams must wait for training time allocation from the club. 

19 May 2020

Draft Guidelines for the return to training - FNSW

Following the relaxation of the NSW Government’s restrictions last Friday (15 May 2020) relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Football NSW is pleased to provide the football community with a series of ‘Return to Training’ resources.

Whilst these resources, particularly the Return to Training Guidelines, have been developed along the principles stipulated in the Public Health Order and the latest government advice, they have not yet been formally ratified against the NSW Government’s Framework which the sports industry is yet to receive.

As such, these Guidelines are stamped DRAFT.


14 May 2020
MWFA Letter to Clubs COVID Update 14/5/20

Summary - possible return to training 20 May, awaiting FNSW directives. Training schedules adjusted so only 10 players per 1/4 pitch.


13 May 2020
Minutes from MWFA Clubs Forum

2nd May 2020

Further information n the return of football will be available after Tuesdays meeting between MWFA, FNSW and FFA after the announcements made by the Federal Government.

Federal Government Media Release

AIS Framework for rebooting sport - Summary

National Principles for the Resumption of Sport



30 April 2020

COR - Insurance Information


30 April 2020

Update from FNSW

24 April 2020

Letter to all players

3 April 2020

Updated FAQ

2 April 2020

Message from Dave Mason - CEO of MWFA

1 April 2020

Extension of the Suspension of Grassroots Football In Australia - FFA

27 March 2020

Message from Dave Mason - CEO of MWFA

19 March 2020

Board Decision 2020 Competition


Message from Dave Mason - CEO of MWFA

17 March 2020

Cicular regarding Suspension of Football

Useful Links



9 April 2020 - MWFA Training Videos


Training  videos for one or two people that can be undertaken by kids to stay fit and mentally alert while football is suspended. It has been designed and filmed by Manly United Technical Director Andrew Christiansen, who has been working his coaching staff and Eugene Lawrenz (MWFA Community Coach Development Manager)

28 March 2020

Skills Hub for Players - PlayFootball

30 April 2020

COR - Insurance Information

13 May 2020
Minutes from MWFA Clubs Forum

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