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Please note that BHFC DOES NOT have field allocation from September to March. Players and teams are not permittd to train on our fields during this time.


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Coronovirus - from MWFA CEO Dave Mason, updated 2 April

Firstly, I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy as we all work through the impact COVID-19 is having on our health as well as the social and financial issues it is creating.
As you will have seen from Football Federation Australia last night, the temporary suspension of all grassroots football activities has been extended until at least 31 May 2020. This is in line with the Federal Government’s recent tightening of measures around social distancing and gatherings and is consistent across all levels of football.
These are truly tough times and the unity we have shown as a football community has been tremendous to this point and will decide how well we come out of the COVID-19 challenge.
From a football perspective, we are still working towards the resumption of an abbreviated 2020 football season with the clear intention of now trying to get as many games played as possible for our 18,000 players. We continue to be strong in our belief that grassroots football and sport in general will play a huge role in dragging us out of this unprecedented disruption to life.
We are working with Northern Beaches Council and Mosman Council to see if the traditional handover of fields from the winter codes to the summer codes can be shifted back to ensure both summer and winter codes share in the disruption that sport is going to suffer because of COVID-19. Both Councils have been tremendously supportive to this point and we have no reason to doubt that won’t continue.
As with the vast majority of the community, we are making necessary and drastic changes to prepare ourselves to come out of this unprecedented event with all levels of the game ready to resume stronger than ever. In recent days both Football Federation Australia and Football NSW have made some very tough decisions around cost-cutting and staff measures to ensure they can get through the 2020 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
This has also come with a significant decrease to the traditional way we pass on the portion of registration fees attributable to Football NSW and the FFA.
Importantly, the FFA and Football NSW continue to work with the Federal and State Governments on rescue packages for grassroots sport.
MWFA has also streamlined our cost base while ensuring we are able to kickstart the competition when the restrictions allow.
We have started modelling football draws and competitions, as well as the financial implications around a season that could resume from early June 2020 to as late as possible that will allow us play a decent number of games.
This latest direction by the Federal Government and FFA to suspend the competition and restrict the ability to play football matches has further eaten into our “traditional season” and we are addressing what this means for registration fees.
We are all aware that there have been costs incurred at every level of the game to prepare for the season before a ball is kicked.  FFA, Football NSW and MWFA have all made cuts and are minimising any future costs while being ready to recommence football whenever that time comes. With each week missed, there is also a drop in the cost of running competitions (referee fees, lighting, field hire etc) and this will also be reflected in the outcome, as will any possible benefits from Government funding packages.
If the disruption continues beyond 31 May, of course we will need to place a sharper focus on the exact extent of discounts on the 2021 football season or refunds that will be offered, but until we know the full extent of the impact it is very difficult to have definite answers. It is also unfair to the broader football community to start offering refunds now as the true impact is unknown and refunds now will impact on the players who stay and play in the 2020 season when it starts.
So, we are asking for all clubs, players, parents, referees and volunteers to be patient and consider the broader interests of the game we all love.
We all hope to be playing sport as soon as possible.
Stay safe and stick together.


Coronovirus - from MWFA CEO Dave Mason, updated 27 March

I wanted to give you an update as I know we are all fielding questions, especially around when we will be able to play and registration fees.


I hope you don’t feel overwhelmed by the number of emails, and I apologise for the length of this email, but I think the better option is to try to keep people informed.


Firstly, there is no clear answer on a date that we may be able to return to playing football. We await Government advice, which at the moment does not allow us to play.


The MWFA Board met on Thursday night and we will put together more detailed minutes from that meeting but I wanted to re-iterate the position we took at the Clubs Meeting in relation to registration fees, as well as give you some more information on steps we are taking.


Registration Fees are an incredibly complicated and challenging part of the situation and we all understand there are people in tough life-changing situations and others simply asking what the situation is with fees.


At this point in time we are in constant discussions with the FFA and Football NSW in relation to the various Commonwealth and State Government rescue and stimulus packages, as well as the status of the money in relation to Active Kids Vouchers. These could offer a positive answer to the fees question.


It is important that Active Kids Voucher money remain in the Club bank accounts.


The MWFA has already made a decision to cut most of our “non essential” activities and costs.

Also, we are starting to look at the natural and forced savings we will make by not playing as many games as usual and that will form part of the “total impact on the season” that we are trying to get a handle on before we have a final understanding of the impact on the fees.


At this point in time it is important that we respectfully take time to consider the outcome of all of these variables, at which time we can then start to work through any possible refunds/credits.


If we play less football and there are less costs, then of course that will flow back.


Finally, and most importantly, I want us all to consider the enormous positive impact our game will be able to have on the regeneration of our society by simply organising football games for our 18,000 players.


We need to stay united and we need to remain focussed on ensuring that when Government restrictions allow us to play sport that we are ready to go with football competitions. It won’t be 18 games and a semi final and grand final series but that’s not what’s important this year.

It will be important to simply use football and our clubs as a positive way to reinvigorate the broader community.


We are working on competition draws to make sure that we all play as much football as possible, understanding ultimately the Governments will decide when we can play.


Below are the answers if asked about registration fees and deregistration (in the FAQ document):


What happens to my registration fees?

At this stage the suspension of football takes into account a minimal disruption that we will work to make up throughout the season as best as possible. We are delaying the start of the season, not cancelling. We are working through some details around real cost savings that occur due to the fact some games will be lost. We will make a final decision on registration fees when we know the full extent of the disruption and it will be based on the broad principle of trying to ensure that all Clubs, MWFA, Football NSW and FFA are able to get through this difficult time in a position that will enable football as we know it to continue into the future. We need to make sure that when football – and life in Australia – returns to normal that we have a sport, clubs and an infrastructure that will allow us all to continue to play.


What happens if I deregister?

A player is entitled to de-register but they need to understand the following. Any player that de-registers at this point (after the grading of teams) can only re-register at the discretion of the MWFA, which is a long-time rule. Also, a final decision around any refund of fees for people who deregister will be made when the clubs and the MWFA know the full extent of the disruption and it will be based on the broad principle of trying to ensure that all Clubs, MWFA, Football NSW and FFA are able to get through this difficult time in a position that will enable football as we know it to continue into the future.


As always, I am available if anyone needs to chat



David Mason

Coronovirus - from MWFA CEO Dave Mason, updated 19 March

Dear Clubs,


Last night the MWFA Ltd Board met and then held an MWFA Club Forum with the 17 Club Presidents and the MWFRA to go through the current situation and the short term / long term implications for the MWFA and our football eco-system.


Under the MWFA By-Laws, Part 9.1 (a), see below, the MWFA has made a series of decisions and commitments that has been deemed to be in the interests of the game.




(a)     Special Considerations

The Board will have the power to consider special circumstances outside the prescribed limits of the MWFA By-Laws and Playing Rules should it be clear those special considerations are in the interests of the Game


Please click HERE for a letter that outlines the decisions.


In the coming days, I will frame a special document that will sit in parallel to the By-Laws and Playing Rules that will give everyone certainty and also negate the need to completely change the Playing Rules and By-Laws and then change them back again.


I would like to thank everyone for the way we came together last night, and I would like to draw special attention to the following paragraph from the letter.


There is no doubt we are entering a challenging time as a country and as a sport but we are appealing to the Clubs, the 19,000 players and their families to work together to make sure that the special community spirit that binds football together on the Northern Beaches helps us get through this tough period.

We will have to make sacrifices and adjustments to the way we train, play and interact and accept that it is in the best interests of the game.


In a short time, I will send through the Frequently Asked Questions document, that will be clearly dated and identified as Version 1.

It can be used by clubs and will sit on the MWFA website.

There is no doubt it will change from time to time. Every change will be sent to you and re-posted with the new date and version on the website.



David Mason

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CODE 5 Partnership

Beacon Hill Football Club and Code 5 have joined together to offer all our members the following. $99.00 (RRP $197.00)  for 28 days & all the money will go directly back to the club.  Includes: Unlimited classes, Inbody scan, a myzone trial (heart rate monitor), Goal setting session, Accountability coach.

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