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I am an avid football fan, player for Beacon Hill U18/1s, and current HSC student at the Northern Beaches College, Freshwater Senior Campus.

I am conducting an investigation around fans and their behaviour.

I would highly appreciate your help in furthering my research by taking part in a survey I have constructed to members and other people involved at your club to respond to at their discretion. Respondents' anonymity is guaranteed.

The link to my survey is as follows:

- Alex Fauchon


Mothers Day - it's always a special day for the Over 35 Beacon Hill football players... The Lolas in their true spirit celebrated what is been a tough year in Div 1 - The soccerholics had lots of yummy food and prently of supporter to celebrate - The Bluebottles made the big trip over the spit Bridge with plenty of alcohol to enjoy the great season they are having & the new Bluebirds despite of the score line they are enjoying the season, improving every week and managing to get away to celebrate the new friendships and bruises that comes with the job!

Hope you all had a Great Mothers day, for me this was the highlight of a great day ! Aiden a 10 year old boy, wrote a note to his soccer mum of the Bluebirds... Thank you Aiden for reminding us that it's not about if we win or lose but giving it a go and enjoying the journey!

- Maria Pollard


The U11 Matildas made the early Mother's Day trek to Careel Bay. Unfortunately the girls couldn't get a win up for their mums but it wasn't for lack of trying.

The Matildas all looked fantastic in their new kit thanks to their sponsor Catherine from Polestar Pilates.

Congratulations to the player of the match - Lucy.



The Beacon Hill Change room at Beacon Hill Oval (Ben Love Amenity Block at basketball court) will be open for business for sales of shorts etc on Friday nights from 7PM to 9PM, during the season.

PARKING in Kerry Close
REMEMBER, when parking in Kerry Close there is NO PARKING in the turning circle. This is clearly signed and is illegal. Police regularly target this area and if you are you are parked illegally you will be booked. In addition, please remember those people who live in this street are our neighbours and friends and deserve your consideration.

2016 Team Lists

*** Juniors (U6 to U11) CLICK HERE ***

*** U12 / U13 / U14 / U16 / U18 CLICK HERE ***

*** WOMEN U9 / U10 / U11 CLICK HERE ***

Updated: 7.25am Tues 08/03/16

Beacon Hill Football are still looking for players
to complete some teams in the following age groups:

In U/10 mixed Saturday comp for a social team- please contact Marianne Hardy on 0418 427 261

In the U/18s please contact Helen Chambers on 0412 363887

We are also still looking for a few more Over 35's players to complete a couple of solid and competitive squads. We are a large integrated 35/45's Club and will field 10 teams in 2016 season. We also play an active role in the community.

Over 35/Division Two - Need two players of Division Two or One standard.
Call David Richardson 0414997162

Over 35/Division Five - Need four more players of Division 5 or 4 standard.
Call Matt Mortimore 0432011307
You will find a good social network within both teams!

AL-2 squad - We are seeking a couple of quality players still for our AL-2 squad. Please contact Brendan Cant on 0422 246 431.


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2016 BHFC Pink Cup #5 Rocked!

Beacon Hill 35's Men & Women staged their 5th Annual Pink Cup at Cromer Park recently. 2016 was our 'best ever event' based on the following; 1. We achieved the most participants and volunteers 2. Crowd numbers and support was up 3. We smashed our highest funds raised thus far with $5,721 raised, $1,000 up on last year's record.

The introduction of Live Music with the Band 'Godfathers' was brilliant and turned a good event into a great event! Also Maria Pollard and the girls added to the carnival atmosphere with all the various Pink Accessories, Face Paint - you name it.


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