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ALL players must be Registered before they are eligible to Grade. If you have any queries please contact your Co-Ordinator
(refer to the Committee List)


Players are needed in our 'newly formed' AL3 Reserve Grade Team. If you're interested or just want more information please call Karen on 0419438767.
Alternatively you can register 'on line' NOW

BHFC would like to invite all existing, and any interested players, keen on playing in our AL1 Men's or WPL Squads in 2015 to contact :-

AL1 - Men
Contact Ross Talarico 0407 166993

Women's Premier League
Contact Vince Vescio 0409 442114

BHFC would like to announce the appointment of Dusan Mihajlovic as the Head Coach of our 2015 U18 Division 1 Team. More information, including Grading Dates, will be confirmed ASAP.


Over 35 Men's is going so well it's bursting at the seams.
2015 will therefore see the reintroduction of an Over 45 Men's comp with 3 graded divisions.

If you're interested, watch this space...

If you can't wait, email;
Nic Townsend nict@ozemail.com.au
or Chris Leach chris.leach99@gmail.com
or Richo drichardson@seven.com.au
or Steve Grigg grigg27@bigpond.com

for more info.

2015 Coaching Announcement

The BHFC Committee would like to announce the appointment of ROSS TALARICO as the Head Coach of the 2015 AL1 Squad. Congratulations and good luck Ross!

For all queries regarding the AL1 Squad please contact Ross on 0407 166993.

BHFC donate old jerseys to students of Eratap Village, Vanuatu

BHFC donate old jerseys to students of Eratap Village, Vanuatu

On a recent holiday to Vanuatu, the Wanders family took over about 50 old style BHFC jerseys on behalf of the Club as a donation to the students of Eratap Village, located on the main island of Vanuatu.

The Elders of Eratap Village and the Eratap School were overwhelmed with the generosity of the Club’s donation. The Elders presented the jerseys to the Village at the Sunday church service.

The Wanders handed out the jerseys to quite a few students after a friendly game of after school soccer. The game involved at least 25 players per side and the occasional ute driving across or down the field while the game continued! Some of the students were so excited with their gift, 3 days later they were still wearing the BHFC jersey!

So if you ever take a holiday to the Eratap Beach Resort and visit the Eratap Village, don’t be surprised to see a familiar old BHFC jersey.

Many thanks to BHFC,
Sam Wanders

BHFC donate old jerseys to students of Eratap Village, Vanuatu

BHFC donate old jerseys to students of Eratap Village, Vanuatu


The club has some extra photos of the following teams.

If you did not order one this year and would like a copy, please contact Sigrid Mulherin at sigi@mmconsult.com.au to arrange pick-up. Photos are $15.00

U6 Cobras, U6 Pirates
U7 EagleRays, U7 Hammerheads, U7 Sharks
U8 Cheetahs, U8 Dragons, U8 Falcons, U8 Lions, U8 Marlins, U8 Ravens
U8 Seaeagles, U9 Condors, U9 Hawks, U9 Pumas, U9 Pythons
U10 Tornadoes, U10 Storm, U10 Hurricanes
U11 Demons, U11 Devils, U11 Dragons, U11 Goblins, U11 Gremlins
U12/1, U13/1, U14/1, U15/2A, U15/2B, U15/3
WU10 Angels, WU10 All Stars, WU11 All Stars
WU13/1, WU14/2, WU16/3B, WU18/1
WAL2, WAL3, WO35/3


Vince Vescio our Club President after the O35/5A win

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